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QHHT® was developed by Dolores Cannon during the late 1960s.  Through hypnosis, the QHHT® practitioner will open the client to their subconscious.
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I provide healing services in Eastern/Western Massage, Myofascial Release, Cupping, Gua Sha and Reiki.
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The Language of your Body. Evey ache, pain and symptom is the body delivering a message of importance to you in its own unique language
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Book a free 30 minute Discovery Call. This is an opportunity to answer any questions and explore the reasons for requesting a session.
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  • Janet is so kind, caring and loving. She makes you feel very comfortable in her presence. I enjoy talking with Janet during the interview process discussing why I wanted to do this session and what I was looking for. She is a great listener! Her space is so peaceful, warm and inviting just like her! Walking into my first QHHT session, I was curious, in need of guidance, answers and insight. I received a lot of beneficial guidance, love, support, answers and healing from my guides and my higher self during the hypnosis part of the session. This was a beautiful gift! I felt my guides helping me pull stuck energy out of my legs and helping to heal some skin issues. It really was a profound experience! I'm so glad I decided to try QHHT and that Janet was whom I was led to. Thank you Janet for your desire to help others heal! You are a beautiful talented soul! With gratitude,

    ~ Michelle

  • Janet reached out to me for a QHHT session, as a recommendation from a mutual healing practitioner. Initially, I was honored that Janet was considering me for her training. I knew this was not a just coincidence, but rather a very intense spiritual mingling working for me. Knowing Janet for many years, our paths have crossed in a few different ways, so it was easy feel comfortable with the introduction phase. Her QHHT room was so inviting, with a calm and peaceful vibe. We went over my list of questions together, and some were answered during the interview phase. My questions were very personal, yet Janet made the questions seem important, but not at all embarrassing. I couldn't help be to feel at ease throughout the entire session. Janet had reinforced the rules, to not analyze and speak the 1st thing that came to mind. Not really understanding what I was getting into, it wasn't long before I was under hypnosis and seeing my past lives. I learned so much about my soul, my journey that I had already traveled, and had yet to travel. I got my chakras balanced, body analyzed and directions given for my physical and spiritual health and wellness. I was also able to understand my role in family and close relationships. To say my QHHT session with Janet was amazing is an understatement. I didn't realize how profound and life altering my session would be. I now understand what's important and what isn't in my journey. I have the peace and gratefulness of life in this journey and the journey's I have experienced.

    ~ Heidi

  • Janet’s touch truly is healing! Janet is kind and calm and her demeanor immediately puts you at ease. She listens patiently and provides invaluable insight regarding your overall health and well being. Her space is very clean and welcoming. I first saw Janet for massage but received much more than that. I had physical ailments that she was able to work through on my first appointment, with rarely a return flare up. We talked through other issues that could also be inhibiting my health and I was able to easily implement her guidance with amazing success. Janet shares her insightful knowledge, healing touch, and sense of peace with me every time I see her and for that I am beyond grateful! I now take my 7 year old daughter to see her as well and we’ve seen unbelievable results in her overall temperament. We always leave Janet feeling physically relaxed and mentally revived.

    ~ Nicole

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